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Can HG,org predict the election results?

By blindrodie
Let's see if this group can pick the wiener!


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Too busy .org-ing to go and vote! :rofl:
By blindrodie
Honestly Ryan that's not very funny to me, but I realize you like to stir things up.

I voted by mail many weeks ago. I surly hope that you are going to vote... :?

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By blindrodie
36 views (six are mine) and only 5 votes? What's the deal? Typical American apathy? :roll:

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By stephmet
Like you, I voted by mail several weeks ago. Yes it is apathy.
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By flysurfski
Change the Electorial College System , and then I will go vote.... :cuss:

California has been decided since the campaign began. It would be a waste of time as my vote means absolutely nothing.... :mrgreen:

As the system stand right now 3-6 states get to chose the president, and I think that sucks shitt.....
(If I lived in a swing state I WOULD vote)
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By blindrodie
Change the Electoral (sic) College System , and then I will go vote...
I hear ya Bro but a no vote is as bad (or good) as voting for the other guy/gal!

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By Jason
just voted..........and im in a swing state
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blindrodie wrote:36 views (six are mine) and only 5 votes? What's the deal? Typical American apathy? :roll:
I don't really care much for politics... especially here, one of the few places that I should be able to rely on being all hang gliding all the time. It's not, though... there's always a thread about gun control or corrupt police or paragliding or voting... so I suppose this thread has it's place just fine.

I did not vote in this thread, nor am I voting in this election. I'm happy to discuss it if you'd like, but would rather just go back to talking flying. Your choice :popcorn:
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By ChattaroyMan
Voted Obama a couple of weeks ago. I vote the environment. If Atilla the Hun was an environmentalist he'd get my vote! Without our environment in good shape we are screwed. Mitigation is more costly than prevention.
By blindrodie
I don't really care much for politics... especially here
That's OK by me Son. I hope one day you will not only vote, but know the
importance of that one single vote.

Granted it doesn't say this is the "off topic" polling section. However this is a very specific section of HG.org that I believe no one forced you to come and complain about. My hope is that you will one day understand that point as well.

Let's also hope that the winner works in our collective best interests.

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By sam kellner
blindrodie wrote: Let's also hope that the winner works in our collective best interests. 8)
:goodidea: :mosh:
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By Davedebogusone
Most dont get the big picture thing.
Let alone the swinging pendulm theory
or even the importance of SCOTUS picks as long term problems.
Envriroment sure
But like hell would I let a liberal have a say in the matter ,see above for why,short sighted agenda driven numpties( no offence meant ) :wink:


Kommiepornya is going to get a big f'in wake up call when their all powerful CARB starts raising the price of everything because they can, agenda before common sense is the union dem liberal way. Knock your self out , I'll take pictures.
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Thanks for the talk, dad.

I'll vote when there's actually a candidate I LIKE. Voting for someone because you think he sucks LESS than the other is lame and I want no part of it.

Oh, and I found this topic on the front page. Pretty rare I ever venture deeper than that... And since there's a limited number of threads on that front page, this one (and the the gun control BS etc) bump HG-related topics. This is HANG GLIDING .org, right? Just sayin :wink:

Carry on...
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By Davedebogusone
Like I said big picture,pendulum swinging sort of thing .I havent voted" for "a candidate in 30yrs.
Against candidates and their support groups ...you bet.
First you get them out of power then you try to get one from the direction you want to go. Whinning by putting in worse is just retarded.

Case in point replacing the RINO pretend liberals with real liberals to spank the conservatives. Cool if your goal is higher taxes and bigger government, if not you're on crack. -
Sorry the recession has made me cut compassion.
By blindrodie
Well, well looks like 4 more for Obama as CNN at 11:18 pm projected the win.

Interesting how the HG.org showed a pretty good similarity.
Hmm glad I did this.

See you in 4 years when we elect Hillary Clinton. :twisted:

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By Davedebogusone
See you in 4 years when we elect Hillary Clinton
. :thumbsup: ( :twisted: )
Just sucks that if they kept the zero ,the least they could do is give him the other branches, to really do all off that hope and change BS that he promised..
Think of the possibilities. :twisted:

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By stevesmithele
I'm with Ryan on this one. I will vote when there is someone i like. I also live in california and since i usually roll with the people that believe in making money instead of giving it away and turning people that are totally capable into users and abusers, it makes no sense for me to waste my time with the electoral college. I chose this election to exercise my right not to vote. Thank god for Obama care, my health care doubled in the last three years. Perhaps it's not his fault but don't try to bull$hit me and tell me you fixed it.

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