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I will be taking a trip to Europe in July. I am hopefully going to attend the Worlds in Italy and will also try to fly in the Alps area (Italy,France,Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc) as much as possible prior the competition and afterwards for a few days.
I am traveling with my harness, instruments, etc but without a wing. Traveling from France/Belgium towards Tolmezzo Italy and back, have a rental car and can get around easily. I have some contacts but would like to reach out through this forum as well and see if there are pilots around willing to help me out with a wing or ideas of where to get a wing, to show me the site(s), etc. In return I will offer my support should you visit Canada. I'll come fly with you, you come fly with me :)
Thank you for your consideration. Let's go flying!! :thumbsup:

Hi Felix,
how come, that a top notch comp pilot travels without wing ?
This makes things a bit more complicated.
While I have on stock one or another glider to lend out to guests, this is all low level intermediate material.
It might probably not fulfil Your expectations or training needs for the worlds in Tolmezzo...
If your way from Belgium to the Alps leads You along the german part of the Mosel and Rhine river valleys (between Trier and Frankfurt), contact me by PM or email for further details.
Welcome to the multitude of flying possibilities in Europe!
Thanks for the reply, WinDfried :)
I wouldn't call myself a top notch comp pilot...just a guy trying to get all the airtime he can in wonderful, new places :) The wing doesn't really matter, I'll take whatever I can. I fly competitions not to win, but to play, to learn, to have extraordinary experiences.
I'll PM you. I am very excited to fly in Central Europe!
I know a guy outside of Munich who for sure rents out gliders. I have rented a sport 2 c from him a few times, very reasonable, I think it was €150 a week with damage insurance. I do believe he now has a sport 3 c. He may even have higher performance gliders. His name is Carsten Friedrichs and he can be reached at carsten.friedrichs@gmx.net. Another guy who owns Skypoint in Ascha, Austria, Manfred Bangheri, Not sure if he rents out but it wouldn't hurt to contact him. He's reachable through his website at www.skypoint.at/de/ And one more is Wolfgang Ganghammer who owns Skyline flight gear in Germany close to the Austrian border in Übersee, Germany. He can be reached via his website at www.skyline-flightgear.de/
I'd contact Carsten first and as soon as possible, he rents them out often and he may have them already assigned.
Good Luck Bro,
No problem Bro,
Stay in touch. I'm off two weeks late June early July and plan a flying trip for at least one of those weeks, maybe we can hook up. Contact yoepaca1@gmail.com. I live near Nürnberg and can at least offer you a warm free bed for a night if need be. Some awesome sites to fly down there.
Safe travels,
Hi Felix,
I live near Gemona, so very close to where the worlds will be hosted.
During the big comps I'll be at work but I think I'll be off to fly in the weekend.
You can contact me via mail or via pm, one other option would be contacting Primoz Gricar to rent a wing (Aeros German Dealear), he's very very kind.
Primoz Gricar Sportgeraetehandel - HG products
Phone: +49(0)176 228 31 294 (GER)
Phone mobile: +49 176 501 346 38 (GER), +38 641 877 314 (SLO)
E-mail: g_primoz@hotmail.com
Web site: www.aeros-produkte.de
Hope to see you and glad to help. :wink:

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