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By paicolman
Just a little compilation of my flights, nothing spectacular, but nice views of our mountains here...
Music was composed by my 15 yo son, kinda cool.

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By paicolman
Thanks Charlie Romeo!

Nice video of yours, too! Liked the ridges, but specially the coastal site, have never flown in a coastal site, must be really cool.
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By Charlie Romeo
Yes Jorge, flying at the coast is so cool... When you go to the coast, the wind is your main friend not the sun. The coast is a playground, where because you can see the water and the pattens created by your wind, you can see then any wind changes in direction and/or strength and makes for a very relaxing time. You can do impossible things, you would never dare inland. Because you can trust the wind, you will become very intimate with every nuance of its pitch, roll or yaw. Because you are so relaxed, your sensory overload from that liquid, moving mass and its creatures above and below will be a delight. Its noise, its wonderful smell, its ebb and flow. There are many beautiful creatures on the beach too and where I live /fly they are mostly laid back and relaxed. So yes Jorge, take a coastal holiday and enjoy... :thumbsup: Col...
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