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By Everard
In 1976, Rich Piccirilli, Jeff Fogleman and John Posson were the first (maybe the only) pilots to launch hang gliders off the tallest peak in Bryce Canyon National Park.

I am surprised to see them hooking their boots over the rear wires like that. Even with shoelaces, rather than the lace hooks that caught a wire and killed a pilot in Britain in I think 1975, the potential for snagging is there.

Man, what a landing zone!

Now, that's what I call real Bryce 3-D! (Referring to the graphics software named after the canyon...)

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By sg
That curvy landing approach was NO JOKE :shock:
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By kukailimoku2
I can't imagine scoping that out and looking at that dry riverbed and thinking "yup, let's just land there".

Cojones for sure.
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By mario
Great find!
I happened to meet Rich Piccirilli hanging out at the Hemet airport about two years ago and he told me that he was the first to start using reserve chutes with hang gliders. I didn’t remember ever knowing that. Luckily, due to this movie, I found this one that tells more about that :

There is also the three man Half Dome flight:

You can find a few more hang gliding videos looking through the other interesting videos of Randy Forbes.
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